Themed worlds & interactive exhibits. : The major league of our sport.

At VRPE, we have been been working with researchers, developers, and engineers for over 25 years. Together, we are making their topics better known and, above all, understandable to all. Just as they inspire us, we want to inspire the world with their ideas, solutions, and visions.

Making knowledge tangible is our mission. We design and build temporary permanent exhibitions, themed worlds (e.g. the Space Pavilion at the ILA), brand showrooms (e.g. the 650 sqm Airbus Showroom) and clever interactive exhibits (e.g. for CES).

Together they stand iconically for our evolution and are the culmination of it. For this is where all content, design, technology and construction skills in the analog, digital and hybrid dimensions come together.

Learn and cluster.

We are curious and love clear structures. That's key.

When it comes to themed worlds and interactive exhibits, we also delve into your brand and your themes. We research, collect and sort the facts and figures. We talk to your colleagues. And because our team has a broad technical and scientific culture we learn quickly!

In the next step, we organize the information and messages into meaning clusters. These are soon to structure the discovery path in the room or the exhibit.

Knowledge is a journey. It should be well planned.

Show and tell.

The mental mapping lays ground for a discovery world. Correlations are brought to show.

We meticulously ensure that content and form, scenography and dramaturgy, didactics and target groups are adapted to each other.

We constantly focus on immersion and interaction. Indeed, only fascination and active participation can lead to clear understanding and lasting memories. Together we bring a world to life.

Interactive Exhibits: a closer clearer look on things.

Our exhibits offer highly interactive discoveries.

Whether low-tech or hi-tech, they always have a solid content background and suit the message and your budget. This is where editors, designers and creative technologists join forces. They make things beautiful, they make things good and above all they make things fit. The exhibit matches the context as do the software and the hardware, the sensors and the interaction, the controls and the electronics.

And the result? Content and Form follow Experience.

Only an up-to-date showroom is a good showroom.

We help you create a solid operating model with tools and processes that make your life easier and your investment more sustainable.

The VRPE team has in-depth experience in the design and programming of control systems for themed worlds and showrooms.

They make it easy for any host to manage multimedia, lighting and sound using pre-programmed scenarios and a control tablet. Thanks to simple and robust interfaces, your exhibits can be updated at short notice and your world can receive updates for control scenarios. Or we can do it remotely for you.

Your digital Universe: more Outreach.

Access to your exhibition or exhibit will not only be limited to the on-site experience.

Our overall concept MA.X, our digital platform, supports your content in a decisive way. Distances are abolished and people from all over the world gather and interact with your media.

: Looking for references?

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