Interactive exhibits : The perfect synergy of immersion and visitor experience

What you touch, touches you: interactive exhibits are the best way to activate visitors and leads in a direct, often playful and always informative manner.

Over the last 15 years, VRPE has developed an unrivalled expertise in the area of immersive interactions, low- and high-tech exhibits.

Leading international brands such as Airbus, Continental and institutions like DLR have entrusted us with explaining revolutionary technologies (sometimes worth billions). For them, we delivered fascinating interactive exhibits as part of their showrooms or for high value events such as CES or MWC.

Be it holograms, contactless interfaces, AR/VR and XR, a slider or a multi-touch surface: Our integrated approach gives us the cutting edge.

Our creative technology and creative "brains" are always on the search for state-of-the art tech and for new ways to combine proven solutions with completely new interactive experiences.

: The perfect interaction thanks to our interdisciplinary team

We have a strong marketing and industrial culture, a true love for didactic and ergonomics as well as best-in-class know-how in model-making, mechanics, sensors and communication electronics. And not to forget our multimedia, programming, and motion-design specialists. All under one roof and with a burning love for the perfect interaction.

: Our motto: Build Communication

We are the brand and technology experts from Hohenbrunn near Munich. Actually, we love both topics equally. So, we decided to make our passion our job.

We stage your brand and make your complex messages in interactive exhibits comprehensible. In the physical and virtual space. Real, digital and hybrid. This we do in perfect synergy in our three areas of expertise SPACE, DIGITAL and LAB (Creative Technology). 

: Let us convince you of our results!

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