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The Slider: giving the future thrust.

In the early days of 2019, MTU Aero Engines AG approached VRPE with the request to present the evolutionary as well as revolutionary engine concepts for the future of aviation.

The challenge is multi-layered: to reach efficiency goals, industrial roadmaps have been established. New technologies mushroom and the future engine is a constantly developing reality. MTU Aero Engines AG is eager to display its essential contribution to each of the steps towards a better, greener flying experience and how it is leading change with multi-faceted innovations throughout the future engine.

Spoiler alert: it will be a “slider”. Nothing new under the Munich sun?

Explaining high tech systems that make other systems deliver on their own promises is the daily challenge of the MTU Aero Engines AG marcomms team’s. And VRPE's daily bread. Yet, this one time… we will stage what is not yet born!


In joint workshops, Augmented Reality soon establishes itself as the way to go. Since the Paris Air Show is the industry showcase and the stakes are very high, the exhibit must be impressive and fit perfectly within the newly established MTU trade-show CI.

As a vertically integrated supplier of 3D Comms, VRPE develops, designs and builds the exhibit. From the initial « slider » concept down to the beautifully illuminated sculpture. From the perfectly tuned communication electronics over the storyboard, the UI/UX, motion-design and software programming.


The VRPE designers first let a stylish 3D light-wireframe engine grow out of the 2D motives we had already developed for the new stand concept some months ago. The transition is smooth, the result natural.

The next innovation lies in the human-centred UI/UX: following a comprehensive on-boarding of the messages and technologies of MTU, the team reduces the overwhelming information complexity to a five-layer interface. The “slider exhibit” fulfils all the messaging objectives with a very simple interactivity.


3D-Print mock-ups of high-tech MTU parts are nested within the futuristic vision of the "yet-non-existing-engine”.  The ground message is clear: MTU is future ready. The first hurdle is taken.

The interaction is natural: Each of the AR layers can be pulled like a curtain from the side and over the moving 85’’ touch-screen. Each stand for a major step within the industrial roadmap and let the light-wireframe engine smoothly evolve with movement AND time. Touch-points allow era- and technology related dive-ins at a touch.

The Ventuz-operated contents, the sensors and all the mechanical/electronic parts operate in perfect synergy. The finish and the overall quality are as excellent as one would expect from the MTU Aero Engines AG brand.

The answer from the visitors on site is just as good: countless interactions generate discussions and insights. With its new GTF “slider”, MTU has effectively contributed to the debates and to the landing of the future standards in our reality.

Interaktives Slider Exponat steht an Standkante des Messestandes von MTU Aero Engines
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