VRPE - Trade Show Design

Better clear than just loud

When you intend to exhibit at a show, a (clear) picture is worth a thousand words. Here is where trade show design can help. The name says it all: it is about optimising exchanges, putting your brand in the right light and providing the right stage for your products and solutions. Your customers and your competition must be impressed. Your own staff and management too. Trade show design is actually one of the most effective Marketing & Communication tools. In our view, a good stand is grown between seemingly opposite poles at and for a given show: But here you want to go beyond a mere compromise and establish a clear language. This is where VRPE can support you with its own expertise in trade show design.

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Image of Swen Jenzsch, the Managing Director of VRPE Team GmbH
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VRPE's added-value in trade show design:

We will pay closest attention to your briefing, study your brand, stakeholders and products. We will carefully consider all local constraints as well as opportunities and will bring in that pinch of salt that you expect. After all, it is not about being the loudest; it is about doing it right.

The name says it all: do not erect a stand, do trade show design!
Build communication. With VRPE.