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Long lasting impression made

There is no such thing as standard hospitality. And yet, there are almost only standard temporary buildings, pavilions and marquees on the market. Enter VRPE.

After all, when one throws a party, one wants to achieve a memorable and highly personalised event: tailored to the guests, the opportunity and location and…to the host.

What applies in private life is also true for our customers. For them, we have developed temporary buildings and pavilions that meet their high demands and go beyond the hospitality tents and marquees found on the market.

VRPE’s proprietary temporary buildings are high-quality steel structures available for rent worldwide. They allow the setting up of one- or two-storey hospitality and/or exhibition areas at fast any outdoor location. They are modular in terms of size too.

These pavilions meet more than your expectations: they are more comfortable and allow better interior and light design than the usual tents.

They look and feel like permanent buildings: why not hang exhibits from the ceiling? Even air conditioning works in there. And that is not a given in standard rental structures.

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VRPE's added-value in temporary buildings:

At request, we can also develop your own temporary structure. As you want it to be, not as suppliers want to rent them. Our love for details and our expertise in tailor-made solutions can be perceived in any of the wooden or steel structure we develop.

Build communication. With VRPE.

VRPE's added-value in temporary buildings: