Your career : A job you like to get up for in the morning

Do you know how it feels when the highlight of the working day isn't the evening? You should! For one thing, Mondays are suddenly not half so bad. Each of us decides what our first move will be in the morning, whether it's enjoying a quiet espresso with colleagues, or offering them a shot of help on a current issue along with their shot of caffeine. And for a very good reason. Not because "team spirit" and "taking responsibility" are written into our corporate philosophy, but just because that's the way we work together. And live. As we said.

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We're happy to receive unsolicited applications for any activity that happens in our large communication workshop. With brains, with hands, but always with heart. Whether as an intern, an architect or a project leader. It doesn't matter what stage of your career you're at. The main thing is that you're competent, communicative and crazy ...

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