Hybrid live marketing : We are breaking the barriers of time and space.

The combination of virtual and physical channels creates a system in which traditional and modern communication channels relate to and mutually complement each other. The result is a win-win concept of modern communication - with many advantages:

Reaching people who are not on site
Extended and deeper brand and product contact
Higher marketing reach
Increased contact intensity

All-round hybrid concept : MA.X for your brand universe

For us, "hybrid" is not a new fashion. It is a holistic approach to your  live marketing. 

We have married our brand staging and technological expertise with content skills. The result is an innovative digital brand experience. MA.X is the name of the plan. MA.X becomes your brand universe and live marketing platform. Because it brings you the benefits of a clear overall concept and is modular from the ground up to adapt to your brand.

Hybrid technologies : For sustainable live marketing

Many solutions and applications are waiting for you in our LAB and in the VRPE TV studio. You are free to determine how and how much you want to be hybrid.  

We use technologies like AR/VR, create digital twins, set up live circuits and compositing and let many creative ideas flow in. With a sophisticated hybrid brand presence that combines the real and the digital, we reach people who are not present on site and overcome any time limitations of live events. 

Any questions about the technologies or the potential of hybrid live marketing??
Vincent BĂ©nard is pleased to answer them all for you.
Would you like to start your own hybrid brand universe?
In that case, we have the MA.X power platform for you.

VIDEO : All about hybrid communication

In the video you will learn all about hybrid communication and how we can support you in the conception and implementation.

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