The VRPE LAB. : Creative technology for fascination and sustainability.

What the VRPE LAB can do and why all of us at VRPE sooner or later belong to the LAB?

Two simple questions as a future and conscience check.

The LAB is emblematic of VRPE's commitment to research, development and sustainability. We promote and expect new concepts and consistently invest in new experiences, as well as in more responsible live marketing.

Even though the heart of our Creative Technology beats in our workshops, all VRPE employees contribute to our LAB.

Experience innovation and integration

Our workshops are true research and development centres.

Here, software and hardware solutions, construction and ergonomics, electronics, mechatronics, and material science come together in a particularly fruitful symbiosis.

We combine existing technologies into new impressive experiences or develop them ourselves.

In space or for exhibits: design, hardware, software, housing and interaction fit together perfectly. Close cooperation is the guarantee of perfect integration. This is both the reason why and the proof that we have been working and delivering hybrid for a long time.

In the LAB, we have long been uniting the digital and real worlds.

Collective intelligence.

How we deal with knowledge determines not only our company culture, but also how we work for you and with you. 

How knowledge is generated: for us, it is not about the excellence of an individual or the mastery of a particular speciality. We believe that, good ideas come from the diversity of perspectives and experiences. With us, everyone gets to contribute to better, more sustainable live marketing.

How knowledge is turned into a resource: For over 25 years, our colleagues have been collecting samples, data, addresses and secret recipes in a real "library" and on our servers. And everyone knows whom to ask for advice. This XL fund of knowledge is meticulously maintained, constantly enriched and can be called up at any time for new concepts.

In the LAB, the answer is not only online but also within reach.

Guaranteed success and sustainability.

Our material and planning specialists make live marketing economically and environmentally more sustainable.

With every new concept or process, with the acquisition of every new technology, we take a holistic view of the effect in terms of communication AND ecology.

And because we think beyond traditional boundaries, we recognise new potentials and risks. For us, it is not the magic alone that comes first, but also stability and security .

New solutions are developed together with you, prototypes are produced and a proof of concept is carried out together with you. What we deliver together will be really cool. And safe!


The VRPE LAB: No material science without conscience, no innovation without experience and ingenuity. Mastered innovative power.