Live Marketing spaces. : Brandspaces not just exhibition areas.

At VRPE, we design, plan and build fascinating exhibition stands, showrooms, corporate interiors and pop-up stores. Whether they are temporary or permanent spaces, we see them as immersive encounter and communication places.

We stage your brand, products and solutions in all dimensions. And we convey them in an emotional and rational, immersive and interactive way. In perfect harmony between recognition and a-ha experience. We pay special attention to a clear communication and information structure and to your customer journey. Together with you, we guide and captivate your visitors.

We are on your side till full success. What remains is sustainable brand binding.


Perfect design and brand architecture is always based on clearly interiorised goals and a good pinch of talent.

We leave nothing to chance. First, we want to precisely understand you, your customers and your assignment. This is how we distil the essence of your brand in the context of your goals and budget, understand your CI and your exhibits. Then, we develop a design leitmotif and translate it into architecture, acting on space with graphics, digital media, light and sound.

Brandscaping: Interactions, Storytelling and Customer Journey.

We combine scenography and dramaturgy with messaging and didactics.

We know that your visitors want to be understood and involved. We generate relevant interactions for them and your messages. This is where our tools from the analogue and digital worlds are used synergistically for you.

We also don't look at the touchpoints individually, but holistically in your brand space: this is how we create a stringent customer journey.

From the idea to success. Full control.

For us, quality is not only the means, but also the end. And it doesn't come by chance. From the design planning to the technical planning of the individual trades, we prepare your project with the utmost care and always with your budget in mind.

During realisation, vertical integration and our many years of experience play into our hands. We know what we are talking about, we build it exactly as planned and deliver it turnkey!

Exterior facade of the Airbus Pavilion 2013
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Airbus exhibition stand 2011
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