VRPE - Thematic exhibitions

Where visitors are turned actors

The fact that communication is intricately linked with story-telling is now as well accepted as the fact that learning is prompted by experience. This is what thematic exhibitions are about and where VRPE excels.

Indeed, combining telling and doing is our business. A business of making stories an (inter)active experience and of wrapping hard and solid facts in emotions. A business of engaging visitors rather than powerpointing them to death.

VRPE delivers immersive settings and compelling stories that are not simply told, watched or tweeted.

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Image of Swen Jenzsch, the Managing Director of VRPE Team GmbH
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VRPE's added-value in thematic exhibitions:

We design and build permanent and temporary exhibitions that adapt to your marcomm messages and the needs of your audience; exhibitions that effectively support the hosts and fascinate the guests. We make sure your point is made and make your visitors to actors of your brand. They interact with your products and solutions. They leave with vivid memories.

Make your brand and messages an experience.

Build communication. With VRPE.