Future Air Power “Holodeck”: Wingmen of change.

The Paris Air Show is the non plus ultra in the Aerospace industry. And there is close to none that is under more political scrutiny. The products life-cycles are as long as the investments are high. Billions over decades: you close the deal, you secure hundreds of thousands of jobs. The margin of error for PR in June every 2 years is typical for the business area: Zero. Now that would be business as usual if two major Heads of states (the German Chancellor Merkel and the French President Macron) had not decided to mandate their industries with no less than a conceptual revolution. We will explain, persuade, and fascinate: we will be the wingmen of Airbus in a game-changing comms-operation.

Rather than just building a slightly incremented Aircraft, Future Air Power will be based on a highly secured Air Cloud connecting existing and future assets. Every piece of information will be shared instantaneously among already existing and future assets (including space). Long command chains will be broken. The pilots will be able to fully rely on everyone in their task group. We are talking about an old dream came true: perfect ubiquity, full transparency and accountability.

A conceptual revolution needs a radically new approach. We renounce completely of models and the like. We get our architectural inspiration from Sci-Fi movies (Tron: Legacy, Space Odyssey etc.) and create a purist « Holodeck » to showcase a radically new holographic experience.


We revisit completely the “concept car” presentation storyline and the AR/VR habits to develop a holographic technology concept that is compatible with the logistic constraints. The rest is already History: we build a scale-model (1/5) to test each material, light-setting etc. We work together with Airbus on every single scene and sentence of the storyboard.  We assign our best comms-specialist, motion and sound-designers to produce an immersive 4’’30 show. We work many hours and enjoy a very high level of customer trust.


We deliver an unseen AV-show: an amazing 3D-Effect. Without Pepper's ghost, glasses or so-called 3D-screens. All in a dedicated pavilion that stands out on the Airbus outdoor aircraft display.

In combination with the scale 1 model exhibited by Dassault, the show presented by Airbus has made more than impress the media (the press coverage was incredible). Presented to over 100 delegations, 2,000 stakeholders, the French President and Prime Minister as well as the Defence ministers of Spain, Germany and France, it has convinced Europeans of going ahead with their own Future of Air Power.

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