In-Vehicle Server.
Internet Of Things on a road-trip.

IOT, DCM, IAM, ECU and DCUs. Seen at CES. Those acronyms stand for highly intelligent systems. They take an ever-growing importance in our cars and in our lives. This is why Continental wanted to show their full potential at one of the most important and lively conferences of all. Continental makes driving better and safer. VRPE’s interactive exhibit makes this clear. And fun.

Continental has long been setting on interactive exhibits when it comes to displaying its know-how. That we had to meet was therefore not much of surprise. Unlike the result of our cooperation. Continental asked: “how can we make the cloud and electronics-based processes in a car visible and attractive”? They tasked us with developing storyboards for various situations demonstrating the almost infinite possibilities of on-board IOT. And they explained “by the way: it has to fit in an existing piece of standard furniture”. We answered: “leave it to us”.


We have long been great fans of system integrators and we love technology. This was soon clear to Continental. VRPE investigated the topic in depth to best draft stories with them. Great care was also taken of ergonomics and interactivity. With so much in common and that much to discuss, we did not just spent long working hours but had real quality-time together with the Continental team. Ideas bounced back and forward. Just like data in a connected car in fact. Eventually, we all could proudly state: our idea is now a clear plan!


Our concept now combines haptic (glass), electronic devices (Continental devices and our own developments) and motion design. We also develop the UX and UI and grow storyboards out of the stories. And because we are still somehow kids, we set to re-process a bedside lamp into an interactive Data cloud. But that is not all: behind the stage, our electronic communication colleagues are also very busy integrating the Continental hardware into the standard display unit. Finally, a solution to a last-minute request is found to broadcast content and interaction on an XL-Screen. Job done. And time to say good-bye as the exhibit flies to Las Vegas. Actually, we are a bit sad that it leaves.

Continental Automotive GmbH
Daniel Vogelmann, München
Markus Huber, VRPE