The Zeiss Group

Planning and implementation of an innovative trade show concept.
Precision work for a cutting-edge technology company.

The Zeiss Group has been making contributions to technological advances for 170 years: with solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries as well as for biomedical research, medical technology, along with innovations for eyeglass lenses, photography and cinema lenses, binoculars and planetariums. VRPE has been the partner for the planning and implementation of the trade show concept for over 15 years. Because precision products require a precise service provider. Reliable. Pragmatic. And naturally with an innovative realization that is a real eye-catcher – even with a tough budget.

Zeiss is the world's leading company when it comes to optics and opto-electronics. In order to remain consistent with the core values of precision, perfection and passion, Zeiss wanted to keep ownership of the creation of the demanding exhibition concept as well as the color and space concept. After which, the big player left the planning and implementation to us. We adapted the concept for various trade shows, for different industries, in various sizes, and for target groups in several countries. One time for consumer events, once with a pure business-to-business focus. And always suitable for the occasion, purpose and brand character.


Whether a ceiling hanging, wall construction, floor structure or fixtures and interior furnishings: We keep it conventional. Safe and stable. And above all robust and durable because several thousand visitors pass through the trade show stand on a daily basis, for example, at Photokina in Cologne. The look & style must be representative of the brand. The maxim is that everything fits. Together. And interlocked. The stand has "one" face and yet still every utility area radiates individuality: from the zones with the product presentations, the meeting rooms to the catering section. Here employees, visitors, partners, press representatives and shareholders all feel equally at ease. The ambiance is just right. The brand is visible everywhere, yet still unobtrusive. We provide a major presence at a fair price.


Zeiss is the customer with whom we have worked together the longest. And that says a lot. Satisfaction prevails. Understanding. Respect. And there is no end in sight for our common inspiration. Absolute transparency rules when it comes to our operational cooperation. Exchange and coordination are just as intensive as desired: Zeiss is always kept up to date, without us ever becoming an irritation. It's laid-back, and it's reliable. A successful concept for long-term, constructive cooperation that is honored by the end customer of our client.

Zeiss Group
since 2001
500-750 sqm
Siegbert und Heuser Fotostudio