Schleifring und Apparatebau GmbH

International trade show concept for a German market leader.
Modular. Innovative. Flexible. Graceful.

With ingenious dedication, Schleifring is permanently expanding the limits of technical possibility. Since 1974. The company is a market leader in the production of rotary transmission systems for the transfer of energy and electrical signals, for example. The customer comes from different industries: Medical, industry and wind energy. This was our yardstick after we made our pitch in 2014 to develop and implement the new, corporate-wide, international trade show concept: Presenting the face of a strong brand in detail on an international stage. Our approach: the use of new materials and technologies for the trade show stand as well as a technically striking design. Suitable for the corporate philosophy. And above all, with the highest flexibility for the specific requirements at events around the globe.

The crux of our concept is modularity. Using this, we fulfill the main requirement of our client: highest flexibility, i.e. individual compilation of the elements for the respective occasion and theme. Applicable anywhere in the world. At trade shows for all industries which the company services – and these range from medical to wind energy. With simple integration of the local subcontractor. Without watering down the uniform appearance of the Schleifring Group.

Another important requirement: a logistical solution that enables standardized shipping and keeping the cargo volume as low as possible.


We work closely together with other partners to complete the stand in an optimal manner. With dedication, the cylinders are coordinated, the cabin planned and the self-catering area designed for maximum functionality. The space is used efficiently and many details make daily stand operation easier for employees. We created a trial installation of the presentation tables, cabin and logo cylinder for coordination with the client. In this way, we were sure before the first live appearance at a trade show that everything would go as planned. And it did just that. For international applications, we provide special trade show kits, e.g. for trade shows in the US with specific presentation tables that are stored onsite because they are only used there.


The baptism of fire for the new trade show concept was SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg in 2014. Other stations followed in Peking, Chicago and Hamburg. At DSEI in London, we were integrated into the German pavilion. In short: It works. Schleifring continues to receive positive feedback from customers, partners and employees regarding the concept and style. And we as the service provider look forward to the coming years: Because our partnership will continue.

Schleifring und Apparatebau
320 sqm
Bischof & Broel