quellform GmbH

Product design and communications package made up of an augmented reality app & trade show stand. For fine drinking. Stimulating. And healthy.

Sustainable and individual products all having to do with water dispensers. In an innovative and aesthetic design. That's what you get with quellform. And we were on board from the very beginning: Our job comprised the technical development in harmony with the product design and in close coordination with the customer, along with the staging of the brand and products at a trade show. With a long-term effect – that's why we also developed an app along with the presentation concept that allows viewers to plunge into the inside of a water source via augmented reality. The perfect combination of the latest technology and pure nature. Consistent. And clear.

We were bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm: We had to translate the prescribed system into an innovative and aesthetic design with the collaboration of quellform. With all functions and while taking into account the technical requirements as well as the specification for easy operation. Product design in a pure strain. Using the theme of the purity of drinking water. A pure joy. We developed a refreshingly-different concept suitable for the brand, taking into account the core themes of vitality dispenser, sustainability and aesthetics in everyday life. Similar to the quelle01 product, we used a noble appearance and luminosity for the trade show stand in the form of illuminated large-scale graphics. A real attention-getter. We bestowed virtual size to the rather small trade show stand via a digital application that inspires and surprises: because of its depth of information, imagery and the added value with the augmented reality functionality.


We selected the individual technical components and then developed a system from this: The product uses tap water that is filtered twice, purified using special vortex technology and enriched with oxygen. Atmospheric, colored LEDs accompany the filtering and purification process whose mechanism recreates that which is found in nature. We conducted an endurance test with the prototypes. Result: further optimizations to the details and an additional safety function that yielded the source the CE certification from TÜV. What followed was the small series production. Then it was on to the communication aspect: We designed a puristic trade show stand. Clear forms for clear communication goals: Staging of the product and its benefits – digitally enriched and expanded. For experiencing healthy drinking water. The app followed the dictates of the brand: Simple and beautiful. Plus lots of substance. The visitor could plunge into the interior of the water dispenser and see and understand its function via clear explanations. Suitable for quellform as a technical innovator in an environmentally-sensitive sector. We were also able to illustrate the operating efficiency of the system: by meeting the manageable budget.


The first source systems have gone into series production. It works. The product and benefits are convincing. The trade show presence and digital staging fit perfectly. Together. And for the customer. The simplicity of the brand is also reflected in the easy-to-use app: And users really like this. Everything done right. Both in augmented reality and in the real world.