Pavilion concept for international trade shows.

Set in the architecture. Flexible in the arrangement.

A temporary building as an integrated trade show concept for product presentations with a hospitality area with a lounge, catering space, restaurant and terrace as well as offices, meeting rooms and spaces for customers and the press, can be used internationally, with character and somehow unique. In addition, always at a central trade show location and near to the products of Airbus, which are presented in the outside area. These are complex requirements. This is exactly our case. We develop innovative ideas and implementations jointly with the customer in a creative, cooperative manner. We have been responsible for the complete architecture and interior design for the Airbus pavilion, along with some of the exhibits, since 2012. Naturally we work with the look & feel of our customer. And remain within his budget parameters. The result: a practical, multi-level pavilion, artistic and with style. One that sits as a freestanding building at every event.

We start with the Paris Air Show 2013 as EADS changed its name to the Airbus Group during the same year. We want to offer the new brand a plaza with the pavilion where the visitor experiences the brand highlights. A plaza that also focuses on the visitor via interaction. And one that inspires him because it makes the leader of the aerospace industry tangible and accessible. In short, we offer a trip full of new perspectives, sensory, tactile materials, young, playful colors and flowing, coursing forms. We plan every detail for each project phase right from the start because even an integrated, yet flexible concept contains the biggest challenges for the implementation; above all, the management of all the professionals involved with the set-up, including local suppliers. For the timing, we rely on "German virtues": We get things done. We plan ahead. We coordinate and keep our deadlines. The customer is only aware of the results: "Milestone reached – on to the next." 


The pavilion is a deliberate and puristic composition. We are developing a space of significance, intelligence and sustainability. And that takes time. On the one hand for the handcraft. And for the organization on the other. We continually check to ensure that everything meshes. And fits the customer. The installations that we develop charge the spaces with impressive design moments. Our objects set artistic accents that make any decorations superfluous. Above all, the implicit message of the pieces simply wow: They convey the product portfolio and the themes of the customer – standing for sustainability, speed and ergonomics. In short: The works of art in the pavilion reduce the brand essence to its quintessential state. And they also always refer to the cultural realm in which the current trade show takes place. The pavilion project is a process. Continual and highly topical.


It is technical perfection. And love. For the whole and down to every detail. Because this two-story pavilion radiates its statement into the space, standing tall over all – while also providing a full range of functionalities contained within. Because inside work gets done, meetings are held, business details are clarified, delegations are received and press conferences held. And naturally, there are also refreshments. The pavilion also offers an opportunity for the sensual, for example, an eight meter long wall relief: Hundreds of small green rods provide an abstract representation over a chromatic progression of movement and flow, making flight a tangible experience in the space for the visitor. The division of the pavilion always remains the same; however, the size varies depending on where it is used, e.g. Paris, Dubai, Berlin or Farnborough. Sometimes the atrium is full-glass and the facade has a different design – customized to best fit the current occasion. The restaurant area always remains the center of interpersonal communication. Because it offers more than hospitality: It mirrors the self-image of the brand as an international player. This makes you hunger for more of the Airbus.

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