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The benchmark in the high-tech area.

2006 inaugurated a collaboration unparalleled regarding its type and results. The task: Everything new, everything uniform for the MTU corporation. Current status: All the thoughts and efforts involved are still unrivaled in the entire industry. The trade show concept for the stand and outbuilding (chalet) can be adapted to all corporate departments, sizes, countries and occasions. Integrated, modular, flexible, transportable and functional as well as steadfast even under the highest loads. The implementation captivates with its uniqueness, technical innovations and ingenious details. The key visual also writes its own success story. Just like the digital concept. This pitch win was pioneering. On top of that, it was also very cost-effective for MTU due to its long-term, problem-free operation. Win. Win. Win.

The uniform trade show concept for the integrated brand image of MTU had to become an innovative masterpiece. Unique and upscale. With a stand that showcases the product portfolio and offers a hospitality area which comprises the lounge, catering space, restaurant, conference rooms for meetings, offices, etc. For customers and the press. Applicable for 500 square meters as well as 10. Flexibly. Simple. And lovely. The chalet concept had to correspond to the whole, but also naturally be innovative on its own. Idea: Rooms and areas that could be rearranged quickly and easily. This enables the lounge area to be temporarily transformed into the press center, including seating and the required technology, or into a private room for an investor talk with the corresponding requirements. We designed the hospitality area with warm and flowing shapes so that both employees and visitors would feel at ease. Along with the interior architecture, we were also responsible for the finishings, facade and terrace. For the digital concept, we capitalized on simplicity and visibility: Attractive content on large TFT displays draws people to the stand and the user-friendly technology entices them to interaction. As an alternative, stand personnel use the installations for the presentation – the information is always accessible.


Great ideas require novel staging: We use aluminum in ways never seen before. This affects the calculation of the structural analysis, the hand-crafted fittings, the installation of the electronics, etc. Along with the technology, service also has top priority, especially in the chalet: We create perfect harmony between a cool technological look-and-feel and comfortable shapes with warm colors. Exactly the interplay that the brand draws from in the manner desired by the customer. The spaces are functional and aesthetic: they offer work space and storage space, along with peaceful oases and islands of communication. At maximum noise reduction, this means the highest level of comfort for stand personnel and visitors alike. Operating comfort is also the credo of the software: We program an interface without fear of contact. And for the technicians in the back office, a content management system that can be used to modify contents at any time. A new storage concept is included in our services as well as a backup concept – because the IT is so beautiful it is so tempting to take it with you. And it is also that good: An app is then developed from the digital contents. The first company app on the market, still a benchmark in the industry.


The basic concept of the trade show has endured to this day. That's because it is anything but static. It makes room for groundbreaking developments: New, unique exhibits can be seamlessly integrated, for example, the Holomagica. Employees describe the chalet as a place where they like to work, one that makes them proud and one in which they can identify 100 percent. Visitors agree: We feel at home here. In summary: A chalet where things happen that need to happen. The app is installed on all mobile devices of the corporation. It serves primarily as a presentation aid for customers. However, the high number of downloads says it all: It satisfies the curiosity of enthusiasts all over the world. The key visual, however, remains the shining hero of them all. Created exclusively for the trade show, it scored an unplanned triumph: It became the central theme for all corporate communications and today can be found in all media from promotional material, print media to videos. This is because it reflects the brand essence of MTU in a unique way: extremely concentrated to only the essentials. And thus universally applicable. Simple. Brilliant. For MTU. And for us a concept piece of which we are very proud.

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