MTU Aero Engines AG

Interactive holographic exhibit: "Technical Flowers"

Our long-standing client MTU Maintenance has commissioned us with the conception and realisation of a new exhibit. It is to provide a holistic, clear and interactive overview of their multifaceted solutions. The requirement: the experience should be as innovative and attractive as MTU's technologies are. It is the hour of birth of the Holotouch Technical Flower. An interaction the aerospace industry has never seen before.


The exhibit must function as an "eye-catcher" on the trade fair stand and present MTU Maintenance as a service- and future-oriented pilar of the group. The conversation starter with a "wow effect" should encourage people to make contact and engage in a discussion. This is where our creative technology experts and designers work closely together. Our many years of experience with interactive exhibits and our understanding of the industry serve us well here. Playful elements and graphic finesse are used to create a captivating brand experience.


We design the " body", the graphics, the motion design, and the interaction in one go. Our guiding principle: holography and modernity.

We develop a floral motif that represents the abundance the MTU Maintenance's solutions as well as its dedication to service.

Seeing the opulent, delicate flower animations appear in a room-high mirror generates a striking surprise. From the product portfolio to the locations and services through to the topics "future" and "technology": Each blossom represents a specific aspect of MTU Maintenance.

In addition to the imagery, we devise a "magical" control unit: thanks to VRPE Holo-Airtouch technology, we let a touch-enabled hologram float over a pedestal.  Simple natural hand movements "in the air" bring animations and content to life.


The decision to use the Holo-Airtouch proves twice as right in times of a pandemic. At the first use of the Technical Flowers exhibit at MRO Europe 2021 in Amsterdam, the exhibit unfolds its bloom, inspire the trade fair visitors, and caters for safety.

MTU Maintenance