MTU Aero Engines

Financial communication. Year after year. 
Dependable and to the point. Never boring.

MTU holds a shareholders' meeting year after year. In 2006, a new, 100%-safe, yet flexible concept was required. One that integrates the existing brand communication, and one that can be efficiently customized to different event locations and various parameters. A complex challenge for the planning, setup and further development, which we have been handling for almost ten years now. With zero errors. On time. And always within budget. Together with several internal and external participants. So that the customer can concentrate on what's important: presenting the results to the auditorium.

After winning the pitch, the development of an integrated presence was required: suitable for the brand and in harmony with the other communication media. It was also important to recognize and take into account the special features of financial communication – complete adherence to schedules, absolutely reliable as well as the right degree of seriousness and show.

We also had to deal with the requirement for flexibility: Our concept had to be able to be implemented for diverse conditions, also have a long half-life and guarantee high efficiency. Over the years, we have been adjusting the concept to the different event locations: Hotels, trade shows, even a sports arena. Including full furnishings for the venues and complete infrastructure such as arrival, departure, catering and sanitary facilities. One time for 500 and once for 1000 people.

In short, a concept that is extremely flexible, but always unmistakable when it comes to the core of the brand for this occasion. Serious. But still emotional.


Close cooperation and trust are decisive for the success of financial communication. That's why we involved and interacted with all departments: Legal, Marketing, PR, Investor Relations. And naturally also with the agency, the people responsible for the venue, technology providers and all other relevant partners.


This kind of event requires that all details are correct for all participants: for the customers, his employees and his customers or target groups, whether shareholders or business journalists. Our implementation was a hit: from the design of the reception area, the design of the lounge areas to the functionality of the press area. Naturally also in the office and back office. In summary: MTU gets first-class, reliable quality year after year – plus they get newly developed upgrades that integrate harmoniously, making the whole that much better in terms of processes, the result and the costs.

MTU Aero Engines
500-1,000 sqm
MTU, Gregor Hübl, Lisa Ködel