MTU Aero Engines

New Trade-show design. The new MTU trade-show design is even better than its predecessor.

Anno 2016: for ten years now, VRPE’s design has been MTU Aero Engines signature on trade-shows worldwide. The concept is to the point and precise in the last details. It is modular and thought-through. No wonder it enjoys a high level of recognition internally and externally. What has been a rare recognition is that it even inspired the 2D CI of the company. However MTU stands now ahead of a difficult decision: should they try something new? They decide to organise a pitch and there we are: facing not only valued competitors but our own ten-year old design. The stage is set up for a high tech company to find its new design and enter a new long-lasting partnership until 2021. The motto is “Lifetime Excellence” and should be presented on stands sized 12 to 330 sq. meters. Our ambition: outgrow ourselves. And we do just that: in June 2017 the Paris Air Show is the ideal scene to reveal MTU’s new trade-show design. A new start for something big.

The team’s pride is at stake. We are on a mission: we want to perfectly translate the values and capabilities of the customer so that visitors of all backgrounds grasp instinctively the essence of the MTU brand. It is all about designing a stand architecture that conveys the message „Lifetime Excellence“ / „Engines for decades“ in all three dimensions. The design must not only be perfect and flexible. It must be timeless and universal. In a nutshell: it must be as good as MTU itself.


The new shapes and lines fit exactly with the new print and screen CI of the group. The architecture is not only reduced to the max: it is pure and beautiful. White surfaces let the information stand out. Orthogonal outlines generate a matrix. There is no place for the arbitrary. The „Sparkle“ is the new central element of the MTU advertising: it is now the inspiration behind the new 3D concept. It brings in "pure light" not just "lighting" on the stand and stands for transparency and fascination, for technology and for performance. The „Sparkle“ is the magic that makes „the invisible be seen“. It grants visitors access to a new dimension: the world of MTU.


„Engines for decades“ – the highest performance and resilience can only be represented with best-in-class materials and finish. On the new MTU stand quality can be felt in the way lines run through the design and in many small design details. The intelligence of the architecture is not only seen in the high potential of the stand in terms of communication and attraction. It is also clearly perceivable in the modularity of the display. Re-usability is carefully considered in all design decisions taken. This paves the way for more efficiency, better quality and in the long run a small contribution to our environment.

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12 bis 330 Qm
2017 - 2021
Arne Wahlers, Ottersberg
K+W Fotografie, Berlin