MTU Aero Engines

An iMasterpiece.
Unique exhibit made up of 28 tablets.

The job cried for innovation and we hit the ground running: conception, development, design and construction of an iPad wall. For corporate-wide, international applications. Flexible, variable in size and reliable. There has hardly been another exhibit that has been so perfect for the cutting-edge demands of the MTU high-tech brand. This also applies to the multimedia components and all applications including the screen design and usability. We have been optimizing and expanding the elements continually since 2013. Occasion-dependent and always when we have developed new and improved technological solutions to let the MTU brand shine. The iPad wall has several advantages in this regard: Long-distance impact, medium for the bilateral presentation, eye catcher for group presentations on the stand and control center for the screens in meeting rooms.

A completely new development was used: Structural, medial, textual. We used the latest iPad models in a composition totally unheard of at the time. Both in the use of the aluminum modules with regards to the structural analysis, electronics and installation – including a new storage and backup concept – but also when it came to programming and image language.
We took two tracks for the programming: one for each individual device and one for the common presentation of contents across all iPads. And that with alternating detail depths and flowing transitions. The interface development for the synchronous playback of videos on 28 iPads was a monumental task; especially since it had to allow the switch at all times to the expert app with all detail info on all 28 devices.
For the multimedia imagery, we relied on emotion to convey the technical contents. Understandable for all cultures in all languages was a must. This fits with the global brand and is an intelligent further development within the existing design scope.


This was definitely uncharted territory. Everything is tailor made – from the production technologies, the use of aluminum for the wall to the development of the multimedia contents. With continual adjustments and updates. In close coordination with the specialist departments of the customer. We worked especially closely together on the mood and storyboards because the ambiance had to be just right: Settings were tweaked, details adjusted and always with an eye for the whole so that the story matches from the beginning to the end. And also best from the top and from the bottom. The collaboration organization for the customer was absolutely reliable and trouble-free in all phases: The participating partner companies and suppliers worked hand-in-hand as a large team towards a common goal. Thus, efficiency was born from happiness. A total of five trial installations were used for quality assurance purposes, along with several tests of the hardware and programming. All of this within a tight schedule. And a budget that left no room for error.


The iPad wall has been operating error-free for many years now and has been in virtual uninterrupted use at trade shows around the world. It has become the most important exhibit for the Maintenance department. Sales is also particularly found of the system and it is a constant companion. And visitors at trade shows stand around wide-eyed in front of the wall to immerse themselves in the next moment. In short: Employees and customers are fascinated by how simple, beautiful and sensational the core of the brand is being conveyed. An iMasterpiece.

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MTU Aero Engines
since 2013
Daniel Vogelmann
MTU, Gregor Hübl, Nico Rossberg, Magdalena Schäfer, Bernhard Wache