The digital Holomagica. 
A unique jet engine exhibit

What do you do when you cannot show what you want to show? Ask us and we will invent a way to do just that. In this case, the digital Holomagica jet engine exhibit. Fascinating and with four-fold use: a real eye catcher at trade shows, a bilateral presentation medium, ideal for group presentations and also inviting for self-exploration. Thrilling for experts and comprehensible for the ordinary person alike, regardless of whether in Germany or around the world. In addition, it is also flexible, simple, chic and cost-effective. With the Holomagica, our customer, the MTU corporation, has positioned itself for future-oriented communication. That certainly suits it well. And the aerospace industry is in awe.

Important matter, major excitement. Our aspiration: create a unique exhibit that conveys the unique skill set of MTU. Clear decision: use the latest technologies and make it digital. Multimedia + design + exhibit + hardware, all working together in perfect harmony. We then defined multimedia imagery for the emotional conveyance of technically-complex contents. And one that was suitable for the brand, while understandable for all cultures in all languages. Always in dialog with our customer. And clearly oriented to his customers. On top of all that,we keep our word: Process reliability. Guaranteed results. Assured costs.


The development included shared experimentation. We created a new combination: The holographic mirror and the real jet engine model are played by a projector and on various display levels. Simple. Brilliant.

MTU can relay on our love for details: We not only comprehend the total overview in the larger context, but also provide sketches and storyboards for all important details. This makes project statuses and processes transparent and comprehensible. Trial runs, test setups, quality checks are sensational milestones for all participants. We take materials to their limits and never stop until the best result is achieved.

Together with our MTU service partner, we reduce the complex to the most essential in a joint and flexible manner. The cooperation is as it should be: Effective, efficient, results-driven.


The Holomagica is unique for its multiple uses. Thanks to its compactness, it is mobile and can be used at many occasions as a major attraction: in the MTU Museum, on factory grounds, at events all over the world. A flexible and cost-effective all-round solution that is unique in its class. That's why it received a White Apple from Famab 2015 – which caused some of the competition to turn green with envy.

The most important however: Our digital jet engine exhibit has thrilled clients, event booth personnel and end customers alike. That's what we are the most happy about. Obviously, MTU made the right choice to trust us with the job after the project pitch – because these kinds of services are right up our alley.

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