MTU Aero Engines

Pushing the limits.

„Don’t rest on your laurels“ is not just quite a reasonable piece of advice: it is a professional attitude we adhere to. Take the EJ2000: the engine delivers much more than just the muscles of the Eurofighter. As for any modern Fighter aircraft, it is one of the main contributor and determining factors for its impressive capabilities. And yet, the next European fighter generation is due to establish new improved standards. To achieve this, it will take the best engine ever: intelligent, flexible, and powerful while saving on fuel and costs. There is one company with the needed know-how: MTU Aero Engines. And there is one communication expert to tell the story at ILA Berlin 2018: VRPE.

This is a project for the coming 30 years and for one generation. A project that was born of the political will of Germany and France and that is now to be introduced at ILA. The stakes are undoubtedly very high for the economy and for our customer MTU in particular. Following our recent common success with the previous engine exhibit („HoloMagica“ [Link]), MTU challenges us again: the communications and marketing teams know of our RFID-expertise and want to make use of it. They can count on us.


Time is short, expectations are high: those are actually good reasons for first taking the time to understand everything perfectly. We analyse the comprehensive MTU documentation: mindmaps, analysis and storyboards follow of one another rapidly. Historical developments, politics, economics and technology: many aspects interact in many complex manners. It is our job to develop a clear storyline to explain and connect it all. Our common goal: clarity. And because those at work are MTU AeroEngines and VRPE, we cannot settle for less than best quality and design.


Birds of feather flock together: the team skills match the engine concept. Within weeks, a movie, an interaction, a series of well-groomed motion-design sequences and a UI are brought together. The exhibit shell is developed and built, the electronics set-up finalised and the engine scale-model printed in 3D. Each detail is perfectly executed. The result is more than convincing: ready for take-off!

MTU Aero Engines AG
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