MAN Energy Solutions

Technology melts with communication.
That is love at first (X-Ray) sight.

Sharing one’s luck: that’s friendship with style! We were both happy and grateful to hear that our good friends from I*AM had spread the VRPE word to MAN. We felt both honoured and compelled to demonstrate they had been right in doing so. MAN Energy Solutions approached us with a job that was just our cup of tea: to stage a 4,7-meter long marine engine and generator in an interactive manner. Mission accepted. As an answer we developed an “X-Ray sliding screen” with specific features of its own. The highest standards were applied to the electronics, UI/UX and motion designs and to bundle the lot, we developed a tailor-made financial model. More importantly though: we immediately felt mutual trust. At the end, MAN was so pleased that they decided to convert their initial lease into a buy. That’s love at first and at second sight too.

You cannot stage or explain what you do not perfectly understand. At least that is the way we see it. So obviously we start with an in-depth look at the engine and thorough analysis of the documentation. First, we were interested and curious; soon we are passionate about the technology. The next minute the idea is here: we are to design a screen to slide along the appliance and will draft a detailed story-board to bring it to life. We have a clear picture in mind of what we want to achieve: to provide visitors with insights and a very special haptic experience. The zoom-in and out features should be swift and smooth. They should also perfectly sync with the move of the screen along the engine. Our purpose is not just to captivate people’s attention but to also support effectively the MAN Engine Solutions MarComms team.


The storyboard we have drafted is used as a master document to align on all content and design matters. Together with the Marketing team of MAN we do not only discuss the messages they want to get across but also minutely match contents and technical visualisations. Pictures, films and texts are edited and adapted to the experience sought for. And that is not the whole story. As it turns out that the second half of the appliance (the generator) cannot make it to the exhibition in Sydney, we take on a new design challenge.


The staff is relieved and pleased as a creative motion design solution is found. We now know: the transition between the engine and the missing generator will be both convincing and enjoyable. The technicians in the VRPE workshop have no rest either: they source best-in-class electronics components, test them extensively and then integrate them in the exhibit. There they wed with the 9-ton heavy marine engine. Eventually, the display will go on a long trip and must be operating almost “plug & play” upon arrival. That is one more reason for the software-programmers to not afford any mistake: they code at their best. The test integration takes place successfully and is soon followed by the final set-up. The handing-over is organised and here goes the exhibit. Our fabrication hall is empty, our hearts full and our customer happy. Nice.

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