Hybrid brand staging at MEDICA 2021

We stage the premium brand KUKA and its Medical Robotics division at Medica in Düsseldorf with a highly accurate architecture combined with a 3D showroom that is both highly didactic and interactive. Tomorrow's health care can be experienced directly by trade fair visitors in real live AND virtual.


After a pandemic-related break, KUKA returns to the world's largest medical technology trade fair, MEDICA. VRPE stages the Kuka presence in the both the analogue and virtual space. 

We are familiar with the KUKA brand, its brand guidelines, and the specifics of medical robotics. We always keep the USPs of KUKA robots and the high expectations of the medical market in mind. We must not only fascinate but fully convince the audience.


Our concept and development team designs an architecture that picks up on KUKA's polygonal graphic design. The stringent geometry conveys innovation and a feeling of "forward motion". Polygonal colour lines and clear corners and edges stand for precision and digitality.

The banner that runs around the stand emanates dynamism through its ascending and descending lines. The shape of the building wing is also deliberately chosen to match or this "crown" and take it into an additional architectural dimension.

The minimalist colour scheme conveys a medical-hygienic impression that is clearly related to the technology on display. The subtle use of the colour orange emphasises the architectural elements such as cut surfaces and edges.

The staging of the robot applications is solved in a hybrid manner. The digital interactive showroom, which we had realised for KUKA a few months earlier, will enable visitors to the fair to virtually walk through an operating room and interact with the robots in action.

The KUKA and VRPE trade fair teams always keep the focus on hygiene regulations and support each other regarding their observance. Together, we are looking forward to the start of construction.


Finally, a trade fair again! A hi-tech brand presentation awaits the trade visitors.

The stand in Düsseldorf and the digital showroom work synergistically. Whether on site or online: the quality and high-precision technology are not only presented in a practical way but can also be experienced by visitors in an accessible and didactic way. Rationally and emotionally: a KUKA presence that convinces all along the line.

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Thomas Luenen