Design, build, succeed, repeat.

There is not much nicer in business than trust in partnership and yet there is a risk attached to it. Back in 2014, Airbus entrusted VRPE with building twice the same pavilion at ILA. Both that year and in 2016. That is forward-thinking. On both sides. But would not that turn into a simple and dull duplication? Neither Airbus nor VRPE would settle for such a proceeding. After all, the arts of flying and of building communication have one thing in common: passion. Well conscious of the advantages of the "economies of scale", we rejected their drawbacks to revisit the 2014 pavilion with fresh design thinking.

From the onset, both project teams worked closely together. With that personal touch and that confidence that many projects accomplished together make possible. Colour pallets were taken out of the drawers and our samples room taken apart. With much love for details. And many individual ideas for touch-ups that make up a complete new picture.


To add to the challenge, Airbus decided short hand to focus on hospitality. There would be no exhibition area. After all, there are so many nice planes and helicopters to see just in front of the pavilion. The VRPE temporary building structure allows just that form of flexibility. So designers and architects went down to work. The 2014 agreement provided the framework within which creativity, flexibility and reactivity to the unforeseen could unfold.<


Long term partnership allows each party to trust the other blindly. Routine processes cater for smooth operations. Communication ways are short. And the result impressive. The 2016 edition of ILA is a full success. The Airbus pavilion is the same as in 2014 and yet a fully different experience. At exhibitions just like in life at large: the only constant is change.

1,808 sqm
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