A big step towards hybrid Live-Marketing

How do you reach your target groups at a time when neither trade fairs nor a visit to KUKA's in-house showroom in Augsburg are possible?

How do you convince people that using robotics in medicine is a therapeutic quantum leap and is already available today?

Together with our customer, KUKA Medical Robotics, we have found answers; with MA.X as the centrepiece and the virtual, didactic showroom of KUKA HealthCare. The digital showroom enables an immersive KUKA brand experience and the discovery of Medical Robotics in actual use cases.

Click here to experience the virtual showroom

KUKA delivers the 3d models of the 3 robots. We take it from there and develop a sales tool that is not only virtual, but also highly didactic.

In close cooperation with KUKA product specialists, we identify the robots’ USPs and cluster them into thematic touchpoints. A dynamic, cinematic mind map is the result, and we are now well on the way to a UX with interactive discovery paths.


Our development team integrates the company's CI into the architecture and creates a room scene that resembles the physical KUKA showroom. The operation room atmosphere is conveyed faithfully. To achieve both an emotional storytelling and an authentic staging of the brand, our motion designers analyse countless videos of the robots in action and study precisely the robots’ movements. The KUKA robots are then brought to life and positioned in the centre of the room.

In the room, we define a circular path that lets the user (the camera) move around the scene. Depending on the position, the movements of the robots and touchpoints to the USPs/products appear and remain visible until the user moves by using the gaming controls. Further content is provided in a clear UI with pop-up windows.


Our creative technologists, motion designers and programmers are working at full speed until atmosphere and movement are combined into a coherent product symphony. The project is to be launched on the occasion of the online trade fair automatica sprint 2021. VRPE hands over the showroom data package to KUKA right on time.

The result: a modern, interactive, digital, and didactic showroom where an up-close encounter and engagement with the robots in action effectively compels the target groups. On an individual discovery path through the room, visitors immerse themselves in the 3D KUKA brand experience.

KUKA Healthcare has taken a concrete further step towards hybrid live marketing and secured a solid building block towards a digital didactic brand platform.

Logo BASE.4 Headless CMS Stage for Comms

The digital platform MA.X uses BASE.4, a product of our partner company and software expert stage for comms. BASE.4 is an individual CMS including custom made technology to implement all functions, modules and services.