Trust pays.

The Farnborough Airshow is one of the largest and most publicised. As Airbus told us about its decision to contract VRPE for its pavilion at two editions (2014 and 2016), we had good reasons to rejoice and were most aware of our responsibility.

We were going to build communication for the airplane maker to see at the place to visit.

The challenge was to make sure that the 2016 building would not only be up to the 2014 version but outpace its performance.

We built a pavilion that reflected the innovation power and the status of Airbus in the aerospace industry. For all to see and experience.


We did not rest on our 2014 laurels. VRPE's designers opened up their ideas box. Walls were moved and each room re-visited. With a touch of unseen flair.

Innovation was the red thread in the exhibition area. It also inspired the atmosphere of the hospitality area ranging from the restaurant and VIP area basked in light to the bold statements of the bars and lounges.

That is brand image out of one hand and heart.


VRPE put its best experts in terms of design, project management and realisation at work. The Airbus representatives were closely involved in the project. 

At each of the project stage, alignment was not only necessary. It was natural. Materials and decoration elements were hand-picked to generate a dynamic and modern feeling.


Communication was as uncomplicated as ever. It all looked as a child's play. Only a few of the not involved would have guessed how much of a challenge it was to stay within the given budget and yet innovate. To be on time and yet move the structure from Berlin after ILA and set it up in the UK despite a shorter time between the two shows as in the past.

In time and quality.

2,150 sqm
Felix Albrecht