Diehl Aerosystems

Trade show concept with clear structures and strong stagings. Multi-functional flying cubes and a FreshAir lounge.

A customer who stands for thoroughness and automation, precision and expansion. For meticulousness down to the smallest technical detail: Diehl Aerosystems has been a star player in the market for 10 years – the Diehl Group has enjoyed over 100 years of uninterrupted family ownership . For us this means that the new exhibition concept has to work as an interplay between tradition and innovation. We focused on three value pairs: modular and intelligent, clear and homogeneous, communicative and emotional. The stand architecture and exhibit design speak the same language and create a distinctive trade show presence. In addition, the concept also offers flexibility when it comes to the structure and design. Plus an emotional feel-good factor for employees and stand visitors. Defining element: Flying cubes as versatile presentation surfaces. User-friendly extra: A FreshAir lounge with catering.

The flying cubes form the core of our conception. They give the stand its own identity and are ideal for impressive stagings: from large-size graphics to true to scale  models and interactive multimedia applications. In addition, many different variants can also be combined with each other. We grouped the exhibits into three thematic areas for easier visitor guidance: Innovation, Airline Business, Big Picture. The last is the heart and eye catcher of the stand. The exhibit combines various technologies that the group develops and manufactures. The concept of the lounge is responsible for the sensitive overall experience together with the FreshAir theme : The furniture and materials selected fade into the background due to their simplicity, but still ensure a relaxed atmosphere for the onlooker . Visitors are positively surprised when entering and are thankful for this special space far away from the hustle and bustle of trade show events. The FreshAir lounge is a platform that unites information, emotion and personal communication. Thus the stand seems totally open, yet still offers closed areas.


The flying cubes form an organizing element on the stand surface that enables optimal storytelling with versatile application options. In this regard, we only use high quality materials such as varnish, laminate , textile graphics and foils . As a guide system, we use colored surfaces: they structure the stand and evoke an air of friendliness. We separate the lounge from the stand using an over-sized frame with graphics, the so-called big frame. Special highlight: The semi-transparent textile graphics that provide a spectral vista both from the outside in as well as the inside out. In the innovation area, we place all innovations and exhibits not yet in production. This provides an actual framework in the truest sense of the word that can be equipped with various contents and media. In 2016, the airline business area was added to the stand concept. It offers space for exhibits that are relevant for individual airlines. The four meeting rooms are simple and elegant with white furniture. A suitable carpet brings color back into play. Decorated with floral arrangements as well as decorative or product photos.


The concept lives: We individually adjust the elements depending on the occasion and theme – because the exhibitions change from year to year, and the lounge changes its face if only in the details or via special accents. The job runs until 2017, which means: We still have time to work together with the customer to make many design modifications to the basic concept. Oriented to the target group. Innovative. Suitable for the corporate culture. Diehl makes so much possible.

DIEHL Aerosystems
400-500 sqm
DIEHL, Gregor Hübl, Kathrin Gutzeit, Monica Acquati