Electronica 2018: how we landed a UFO in Munich.

One of the key-players for the marketing and forwarding of electronic components, AVNET has been calling the Electronica (the leading trade-show of the industry) its home-turf for many years. Anno 2018 brings a big novelty: all the brands of the group are to exhibit on one common stand. The result: the largest exhibitor at the show. The message to put across: AVNET can more. The expectations among the competition, the trade-media and the organisers are high. We are just as excited. AVNET prepares for landing.

The stakes are high for the marketing team. The business case is to be brought in full light as it is about making clear: AVNET masters the full electronic life-cycle. But it is also about the community feeling and making the joint stand a direct benefit to each and every of the AVNET brands. Georg, Tom, Nick and Florian have the inspiration and the will, we have the long-time experience. They place more than an order with VRPE: they place their trust in us. Together, we bring their story to life: the AVNET City.


From that point onwards, we work hand in hand in an uncomplicated yet resolute way. The designers and architects conceive a city that is both imposing and welcoming. Graphic design plays an important role in letting the right atmosphere as well as clear orientation on the stand develop. We all on-board the whole pallet of products and the various corporate identities of the AVNET group. Last but not least, our furniture designers conceive POS-displays that fit harmoniously on the stand and provide the functionalities and service that the sales people need. Meanwhile, a decision has been made: a plaza is created by the majestic central staircase of the stand. It will be home to knowledge and synergies and where people will meet, present and discuss solutions.


We come from aerospace. If somebody knows how to land a UFO in a trade-show hall then VRPE We can rely on our double-storey structure. That is efficient, cost-saving and safe. That eases a bit construction for which the allocated time is very short. As a matter of fact, our crew works in two shifts up until delivery while our mechanics and model-makers back home assemble all the demonstrators and POS-Displays that will be exhibited once the stand is finished. The clear branding solution, the imposing “A” in front of the stand and the sheer dimensions of the stand (1,500 sqm plus 500 sqm on the first floor) trigger curiosity and generate many visits. Once on the stand, the visitors clearly understand what is on offer and how to access information. The whole AVNET presence at Electronica is both structural engineering and clockwork mechanics. Above all, it is a piece of project management art. The result is much pride for the ones involved and an exhibition that fulfils all expectations. Our customer is happy. The customers of our customer too. The UFO has landed. Safely.

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2000 sqm
Nov 2018
Matthias Baumgartner