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The permanent (re)presentation of Airbus in the German capital city.

The Ottobrunn concept (link) is already validated but building has not even started as we receive a new request: to build a new showroom in the German capital city. We hear and follow the call: Berlin, here we come!

The context: a 135 m² room in a prime location; a unique view over the National symbols of the German democracy: the federal Chancellery and the Reichstag; an open space basked in natural light coming through the impressive bay window. The opening is already planned and it is to take place before the completion of the mother showroom in Munich. So there is no time to be lost. That is both an honour and a challenge under many aspects.

Being tasked with revisiting the Ottobrunn showroom concept, could therefore clearly not simply amount to a copy-paste exercise nor to a mere shrinking down of the original concept. We took the challenge: after all, we have had a reputation to preserve and flexibility in mind from the onset.

We do not take things for granted and re-start the analysis/design machine. We study the specifics of the visitors and the needs of the Airbus locals. We build on the pre-existing solid piece of intelligent design and adapt to the local priorities and the room itself: despite limited space, the Airbus Berlin showroom offers three possible modes of use (the Exhibition, Show and Event modes) too.


The layout and design consider all relevant aspects (the brand, the building itself and the C-level guests). We revisit the interactions and develop two major interaction units that do not obstruct the room (as it connects two areas of the building). But we refuse to cut down on the information or experience deliver. That is design without compromise.


The architecture seems to be growing into the room where it has been transported to. It is not a match: it is symbiosis. The opening is an event for the Group, its high-level counterparts of politics and business and, admittedly, also for VRPE. We take a big breath of air before embarking for the next showroom project.

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