Airbus 5.0: on the edge of innovation.

Imagine you are THE brand in the game. It is your home turf. It is Paris Airshow time, you just got a new CEO and you are turning 50. You are Airbus. What do you do? You outgrow yourself. As always.

Born 1969, Airbus is today the aerospace leader with the power and will to define the future of mobility and safety. We take on the challenge to express all of Airbus’ beauty, strength and complexity in one building that will be the core of the brand for one week.

Our method? We immerse ourselves in the brand. We feel, see and think Airbus.
Our findings? We see energy at work. We see uninterrupted progress.
Our leitmotif? The edge of innovation.


Our concept mirrors our perception. We develop a coherent and highly emotional brand presence at the show. A presence that pulsates with life and stages the flow.

From the pavilion facade over the experience area and down to decoration details: the leitmotif is declined in many small and large emotional „moments“ that power the Airbus appearance at the Paris Airshow. Architectural perspectives (transparency, lines), „visual surprises“ (material, colours, graphics) and energy (light, mirroring effects) are minutely orchestrated.


The mirroring surfaces of the facade let the pavilion visually expand beyond the strict limits of its walls: they catch and reflect „life at the airshow“.
Entering the pavilion, visitors embark on a journey that culminates in the dazzling central display: the futuristic exhibition area.

As for the layout it grows out of a central circle into a pleasing structure which naturally appeals to visitors. Quality is everywhere.
Colours, wooden surfaces and carpets bring in warmth, and comfort. Transparent glass panels generate inspiring perspectives throughout the building.
The pavilion is majestic. It triggers curiosity, the longing for more discoveries and results in yet again more appreciation for the brand.

Koy+Winkel Fotografie