The ITC Space visitor centre: a window to space manufacturing

Immenstaad on Lake Constance is a pioneering location for the space industry. There Airbus has been developing and producing fascinating satellites, space probes and experimental equipment for climate research, meteorology, the exploration of the Universe and for research under zero gravity conditions for six decades.

With the new technology centre "ITC", Airbus Defence and Space at Lake Constance is getting ready for the satellite production of the future. In this context, they entrusted us with the design and realisation of a space visitor centre, which underpins this ambition. Here we stage the brand, the spirit and the so important contents. With state-of-the-art dramaturgy and scenography as well as skilful didactics.


The new production hall is a technical wonder. Europe's most modern cleanroom simultaneously enables various cleanliness classes in just one large integration hall; a showcase project for Airbus in Germany.

In the showroom, the latest satellite projects, product launches, rocket lift offs and services are presented to customers, media, guests from politics and business, among others, in an innovative multimedia format. Giant windows with a view into the clean room allow guests to experience satellite production at first hand. We design a multifunctional location: a brand icon, an event space as well as a state-of-the-art interactive and didactic tool all in one. In the architecture, we incorporate the company's CI as well as the design features and visitors’ flows of the building itself. To this end, we draw our design inspiration from astronomy itself and so create the framework for a clear and emotional storytelling.


The Airbus project management is responsible for a gigantic task and must be able to rely on us to present their brand and products in a technically correct way. More than 20 years of experience and cooperation show their positive effect here.

We "cluster" the Airbus technologies into three interactive themes that we convert in discovery-tables with a striking “puristic design”. The exhibits generate an oversized ever-changing multimedia image as well as three centres of gravity. These in turn organise the flows in the room. As for the content, we develop fascinating stories as well as a self-explaining UI. We invite visitors on a discovery journey along the Earth's orbit, into the solar system and finally into the remote Universe.


Our team adapts to all development and building processes of the showcase project. VRPE "aerospace specialists" work hand-in-hand with our motion designers. Airbus content is edited and integrated into the customised interface. The programmers and communication electronics technologists make the room smart. Quality-wise, the room and its fittings illustrate the Airbus aspiration to perfection.

And good work is rewarded: Airbus invites us to additionally design and set up a light art installation for the 13 m high stairwell to the showroom.

After two years of joint effort, the time has come. A new era for space travel begins: On February 22, 2019, Airbus opens Europe's most modern satellite integration and space technology centre, with a grand opening. The showroom is their face to the public and we are very proud of it.

Sebastian Weidenbach