Visions of green aviation.
 The Flying Green Experience sculpture.

We haven't yet written the tale for 2050, but our customer wanted to take people on a journey through the aviation challenges of tomorrow. For Airbus, this doesn't just involve infotainment and edutainment. The focus was on stimulating communication and the exchange of solutions and ideas for greener aviation. A case particularly suited for VRPE: A unique job for which we found a particularly unique, yet fascinatingly simple solution: A 120m² large Flying Green Experience. Compact and mobile for use at trade shows and events.

We decided to take the creative original idea of the customer and run with it: the experience space is designed in the shape of a snail. This natural, original form in a futuristic-technological context conveys the essential message. To this we defined a progressive design language that stages the brand in a dynamic and sympathetic manner in the space. In addition, we also had to integrate the interactive applications of the multimedia agency from Airbus. Cooperation from the very start – that's how great projects start.  


We made the surfaces of the snail completely from three-dimensional, deformed Corian® segments  – the hero of composite materials. We milled the exterior surfaces with a relief structure. And then we got an idea for something truly revolutionary: For the first time anywhere, we would use three-dimensional milling technology on complex, curved Corian® shapes. The result: an extreme visual and tactile aura that makes the surfaces come alive during large-area media playback.


The 120m² Flying Green Experience has a floor space of 10 x 10 meters and comprises 15 interactive exhibits. The tour through the interior goes by several individual themed sections – from future energy sources, material solutions to the vision of fight. The experience sculpture has been on exhibit at Airbus in Hamburg since 2013 and wows both employees and visitors alike. But not just them: In professional circles, we have also won three prestigious awards – a Red Point, a Silver Apple and a Silver Nail.

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2010 - 2013
100 sqm
Irina Meye
Communicationline Interior
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