Brussels reception 2018: the guiding star.

This is the yearly encounter of two symbols of a successful European integration. However, when Airbus invites the European MPs to its annual Brussel reception the occasion is way more than symbolic only. This is an evening to look back on aerospace accomplishments and talk about European synergies. It is also about looking further and ahead. Indeed, Airbus’ scope of vision covers many of our earthly challenges and reaches out into remote galaxies. This is a company that provides insight into our far past just as well as into our future: from the big bang up into the next digital decades. Being asked to deliver the scenography and dramaturgy of the event is more than an important job. We think and work European. To us, it is a great honour.

The chosen location is itself a perfect representative of what humanism and industrial success stands for. The Solvay library (built 1902) is located only a few hundred meters away from the EU-parliament. From there, 350 guests are being expected. We therefore decide to involve the complete surroundings in our design and use both the park and the beautiful library in a communicational crescendo. We want to stage the societal relevance of aerospace and literally highlight the innovative power of Airbus. Out of this vision, the first sketches are being born and soon the event key-visual is generated: „the guiding star“.


We set on a “tease-reveal” communication structure: questions crucial to our common future are put on display in the park for the guests to discover on their way to the event. Emotions, information and exhibits in the library and during the event will make clear how much Airbus contributes to our mobility, knowledge, security and growth. By so doing, the point will be made: Airbus is the right address to obtain answers and solutions. During the whole process, our „guide“ will be an illuminated star (the “guiding star”) to be declined and realised in 2D and 3D. We also work closely with the location management to deliver the highly emotional light and AV dramaturgy that we have designed during the conception phase. This includes an XL-LED screen as a backdrop for the event stage. Last but not least, we write the storyboards for the motion design animations. We are now ready to go.


The 2018 is particularly important to Airbus. Indeed, this is the last meeting with the outgoing assembly while one of the last appearances of Tom Enders as the Airbus CEO. The event flow must be absolutely smooth. This in turn demands the perfect cooperation of all parties: the location management, VRPE and the Airbus team itself. And this is exactly how we do it. The result: the scenography and dramaturgy delivered match exactly with the visualisations delivered beforehand. The print-outs, the setting and the interactive exhibits outgrow the customer’s expectations. The light and multimedia show triggers emotions and prompt discussions. The guests and the hosts feel good and say so. All are happy. We too. Together, we made it fly!

600 sqm
Dec 2018
Thomas Blairon, Pixelshake