Airbus Aerial

A new time has come.

To those speaking about Earth observation, telecommunications or navigation, satellites and mission-aircraft came immediately in mind. That was true until ILA 2018. There, visitors could experience more than the presentation of a high-tech unmanned aircraft. What was born at the Airshow was a completely new market. Not only are we on the first row that day: we have built the stage and co-written the play. The result is a pavilion and an experience at very high level.

Zephyr is a High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS): it is enduring like a satellite and focused like an aircraft. In short: the best of both worlds. This is what needs to be not only shown but explained. What first sounded like a classical “product-display” job turned out to be a much more demanding and exciting communicative task. And obviously the quality and innovative character of the design and presentation had to match those of the solution on display. The job does not only tease our curiosity: we are really really found of it.


We run a series of workshops with the Zephyr team. Time really flies by as we discover all those many aspects of the project that we did not suspect. Those are precisely the ones we want to share with the VIP-target audience. Together with the Airbus Aerial experts, we develop a communication strategy to this purpose. We design a building that communicates effectively at a distance without exposing confidential aspects. Inside the pavilion, visitors meet with Zephyr in its flying environment and grasp immediately all its capabilities. Call that a summit meeting!


Displaying Zephyr in a dark setting is not only a way to fascinate visitors: it makes it possible for us to perfectly control the lighting situation and focus attention. The aircraft looks like a jewel in its shrine. All relevant aspects are presented out of the perspective of the aircraft. The technical achievements of the team are presented by experts to selected visitors in an adjacent “lab” and in an almost clinical atmosphere. Job done. We have been priviledged to help the "wings of change" to strech.

K+W Fotografie, Berlin