ABOUT YOU goes IPO. : IPO turns hybrid and VRPE does fashion!

We stage the important milestone in the life of ABOUT YOU. The unique occasion was realised with an XR concept. This featured an immersive architecture, friendly winks and surprise as well as an oversized multimedia installation that generated media images and memories of the IPO. For us, it was Live Marketing 4.0 in action.



All our specialists from the SPACE, DIGITAL and LAB expertise areas deal with the challenges. Be they organisational, technical (a complex topic, the need for a hybrid concept, high quality expectations) or relating to design (the compatibility of brand experience and technology) challenges. 

We develop a concept that embodies the solidity/achievements, dynamism/modernity and the message of the company.


We work on a hybrid event concept and explore two alternative design routes at once. The winner: "Post-Business" (Work hard, enjoy the moment). Within the five weeks, we work in parallel on the multimedia immersion, the scenography and the experiences including digital interactions. Our motion designers develop all static and dynamic visual elements for the staging of the special moment. We source innovative high-tech solutions, invent and program a digital guest book.


We work fast and efficiently in lean teams and we master the big challenge. Together. A robust project management, fully engaged colleagues and skilled craftsmen hand over to a strong team on site. This allows for a smooth set-up, high quality standards, error avoidance and quick reactions to ad hoc requests. During the two days of the event, we are on site and support our client from the backdrop.

LED walls showing the stock exchange in combination with the logo of ABOUT YOU, in front of it a stock exchange bell on a white pedestal
Lounge corner with lounge furniture at ABOUT YOU IPO
Interior at an ABOUT YOU IPO with cardboard animal as decorative element and lounge furniture
Marcel Esser with a stock exchange bell in his hand in front of an LED wall at the ABOUT YOU IPO.
Black cardboard animal with golden horns as decorative element on white base
Wall with Timeline by ABOUT YOU