Spatial communication

Build Communication. With VRPE.

We are the brand and technology experts from Hohenbrunn near Munich. Actually, we love both topics equally. So we decided to make our passion our job.

We stage your brand and make your complex messages comprehensible. In the physical and virtual space. Real, digital and hybrid. This we do in perfect synergy in our three areas of expertise SPACE, DIGITAL and LAB (Creative Technology). 

Fascinating experiences, impressive scenography, perfect didactics and highly emotional dramaturgy: for you, we have all the necessary trades under one roof. With a lot of know-how and always with an open ear.

Our motto: Build Communication. We believe in integrated brand communication and want to build its future together with you. But rest assured: you and your brand will shine from the very first project onwards.

No one can imagine that.
Except for us. Extraordinarily well.
Many customers know exactly what they want. But we still manage to surprise them with what they get. Others just have a wish list and a vision. Aside from that, they're open to creative input and allow us to inspire them. Intelligently. And individually. With ideas that sometimes turn everything on its head. Or from left to right. Because our customers trust us. Why? Because we get their brand. Great, isn't it?
Our interdisciplinary team of experts made up of strategists, artisans, architects, designers and animators work together from day one in an efficient and committed manner. We promise three things: Process reliability. Guaranteed results. Assured costs.
We open our (digital) toolboxes and select only those tools that fit the customer's brand. And then create something unique for him. Transparency has priority. We keep everyone up to speed without becoming an irritation. It's laid-back, and it's reliable.
We don't compromise here. Smooth processes. Perfect results. Everything on time. Still extremely flexible and often with unrivaled innovation. We deliver quality. On both a large and small scale. With perfect simplicity. And mind-blowing clarity.


High-tech lies somewhere between fascination and uncertainty. Normally. But not at VRPE.
We fashion encounters of a special kind.

PAS 2019
PAS 2019
Cleverness at first X-Ray sight
Cleverness at first X-Ray sight
Trade show concept with clear structures
International Trade Show Concept
Innovative Showroom Concept
The Flying Green Experience sculpture


We have our feet firmly on the ground.
Despite being high-tech.

Hohenbrunn makes it possible to develop advanced technology that's down-to-earth. For international corporations, or for medium-sized, hidden champions with complex technical products that need to impress in terms of the way they're staged and amaze their audience, but still be intelligible. We can do just that. And we rack our brains to achieve it. Because we love it. And live it — with heart and soul. And, yep, we do it in Hohenbrunn.