BUILD HYBRID COMMUNICATION. WITH VRPE. : Seamless marcomms across all touchpoints

More flexibility, outreach, content depth and presence time for your trade show appearances.

"Best of both worlds": The Hybrid Communication concepts of VRPE combine the unique strength of trade-shows and showrooms (face-to-face!) with the endless potential of digital solutions (Augmented / Virtual Reality). We handle the physical and digital brand experiences as ONE overall communication in the physical and mental spaces and combine them seamlessly.

The results: synergies, consistency, efficiency.

Today, virtual exhibition stands have a major role to play. This is not only due to the corona pandemics but because they foster customer contacts, target-oriented product presentations in a strongly branded space. Even in the absence of physical contacts and without having to actually attend a trade-shows. With the right digital means and skilful dramaturgy, displays such as exhibition stands, showrooms, product launches can gain enormously in depth of information, outreach and longevity (e.g. in social media). Your investment is optimised and demonstrably more effective.

More content depth, outreach and presence : The endless potential of digital solutions (AR/VR)

Here, we are talking about more than just virtual trade-shows and exhibition stands: we are talking about "augmented communication". We, at VRPE are convinced that a virtual trade-show presence requires much more than just moving through a digitally replicated stand at the click of a mouse: For your virtual exhibition stand, we set on fine-tuned mixture of live and replay communication with virtually embedded content in a real brand world. Your exhibits can be integrated as well as any digital content you wish. And the best is that whether, on a One-One basis or in groups, your employees can interact with the visitors. This is the end of "One-Size-Fits-All" and the true beginning of a dialogue.

Content is King

We work exclusively for industrial and high-tech companies. Our marcomms and technical experts understand "what it's all about" and can talk directly to your specialists at "eye level".

Together we achieve a perfect brand and product presentation. Without loss of time and information.

Show more in a digital twin

Digital components allow additional information / explanations and features on 360 degree pictures and films. It is no longer necessary to physically display EVERYTHING with ALL THE OPTIONS.

Our motion designers and customer-journey specialists make your systems understandable and enable you to achieve a new depth of information. Descriptions and even products can be exchanged quickly, giving your management and sales staff more freedom of action. Thanks to skilful interactions, the customer determines himself his path of discovery

Unleash your 3D files

Our renderings are "best-in-class" and we master all the tools to transform them into a virtual exhibition stand with a high interactivity-level, quickly and cost-effectively. Our systems also provide you with the information you need to analyse how your presentation is performing (live / aggregated data).

Invite your guests to highly personal/authentic and safe talks

Whether private online meetings in a secure virtual room or webinars for a product launch - our solutions make real live interactions possible and secure.

We enable authentic face-to-face exchanges including Q&A, voting, display of products versions and options, etc. This is the dawn of a new service era in which, for example, "Rocket Feedback" from the back office is made possible.

Be everywhere and always on

A perfect stage set, experienced directors and TV specialists: Your trade fair stand is turned into a global stage and TV-studio: you can organise interviews, product demonstrations and much more.

With us, you can generate new online content and offer it live or in "replay". Because not all of your customers are available at the same time.

Optimise your resources with multi-channel comms

A stand that is not dismantled after a week is a better, more sustainable stand! The new digital dimension of your trade fair presence makes your investment more efficient as you can now use your new digital content on the web, on YouTube and all social media.

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