Our services for your brand : Strategy. Design. Implemented.

At VRPE we do design. Development. And implementation. Squared. Because what we deliver is twice as good as what you'll get anywhere else.

We're proud of our services. We make every project a total success, with reliable processes, guaranteed results and assured costs. Because we have the right formula: think laterally—optimize—experiment—convince—finalize—engage. Every time. Different every time. That's what you get when experience meets passion.

Think laterally

In the design phase, our interdisciplinary team of experts is efficient and committed. Not just in the way they work. But in what they produce. All our specialists are at the design desk from day one: strategists and engineers, artisans and architects, designers and animators. Because creativity is just as important as implementation feasibility within our prescribed framework.


We don't want to build pipe dreams for our customers. We want to meet the requirements of the task with focus, high quality, sophistication and in harmony with their brand, identity and strategy. And we want to do it smoothly. Because that's good for the budget. And for stress levels. Thanks to our many years of experience, along with multi-layered skills, practical multiple qualifications and international expertise, we can promise three things: reliable processes, guaranteed results and assured costs.


When a project is in development, our specialists open their (digital) toolboxes and select only those tools that fit the essence of the brand we're staging. They use innovative materials based on viable production technologies to create something unique. Quality assurance takes utmost priority: feasibility studies, tests, checks and trial installations, plus ongoing feasibility checks at different levels of intensity and different intervals. We do everything possible to achieve the optimum result. And sometimes even more.


Transparency: it's no less important, and it's our maxim the whole time we're working with the customer. We keep them informed every step of the way and involve them in every decision. That way, we ensure that discussion and agreement is as intensive as they want it to be: we keep them up to speed without becoming an irritation. It's laid-back, and it's reliable. Which means that we never hear "I imagined something completely different." What we do hear is "I never imagined it would be so fantastic."


When it comes to implementation, we don't compromise. This is where the way we work pays off: interconnected, logical and dependable. There are no flaws in our processes—either technically or in terms of content—because the whole team is involved in design and development right from the start. What's more, our continuous quality assurance and control deliver exactly what the customer expects: smooth flows. Everything fits together. But if it becomes obvious that another solution might be better, we run it through. We build it in. On time. Flexibly. Because we're only satisfied with the best.