Hybrid Live-Marketing: : AR/VR, CMS and Digital Platform.

In our LAB, many applications and solutions from the AR/VR and CMS sewing box are waiting for you. We see further and have solid and visionary overall concepts for the sustainable future of your live marketing.

: MA.X you Powerplattform for integrated MarComms.

MA.X is the metaverse of your brand: the digital hub - and at the same time the very flexible backbone for the digitalisation of your marketing. It combines the functionalities of platforms that were previously only available separately. This thanks to applications that can be docked onto MA.X according to your needs (and budget!).


Your Brand…. Alive!

Be it a digital showroom, a 3D exploration world, product presentations, hybrid events, webinars or workshops: On MA.X, your brand is brought to life 24/7 in an authentic and fascinating environment. Numerous functionalities are available to the user: from personal greetings and live tours to live broadcasts of events including chats and innovative trade fair services.


Your Touchpoints… Connected!

Thanks to its agile and modular structure, the CMS is scalable to your needs down to the last detail. This means you fully control the access to MA.X and clearly assign content and files to individual user groups. You can retrieve and use them for different purposes at any time. In addition, incoming data and the user behaviour of your visitors are continuously analysed and evaluated.


Synergies… Achieved!

Together with you, we develop a customer journey that is thought out down to the smallest detail. MA.X enables your various brand experiences to be perfectly coordinated. And your content is used in a variety of ways, always tailored to the target group and with minimal effort. MA.X is an open, variable, constantly growing and future-oriented system.

Visualisation of the MA.X applications

: The MA.X Applications.

MA.X Welcome: personalised welcome and services for your guests.

MA.X Live: Video conferencing AND parallel live broadcasting of e.g. events, demos. Integrated in one web app.

MA.X Show & Cast: Your highly responsive marketing & product presentation tool: always the right thing in the foreground.

MA.X Digital Showroom: The interactive staging of your products and solutions.

MA.X Event Processes: Your live events and trade fair presence made more digital, flexible and efficient.

MA.X 3D Exploration World: An interactive discovery journey. Your products in the context of their uses.

MA.X On-Demand: Broadcast and repository of and from your events, presentations, exhibition stands, etc.

The MA.X applications are customisable, combinable, expandable. And new ones are constantly being developed.

: Augmented Information Layering.

With Augmented Information Layering, we abolish the boundaries between live and replay as well as between on-site and remote.

Thanks to A.I.L., virtual components are superimposed live or pseudo-live (e.g. in recorded but individually interactive tours) in the real space, over exhibits, products, etc. Local and remote users can interact with each other and with the content.

Augmented information layering is a live marketing game changer.

: Discover more about MA.X applications and functions ?

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